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BBM Coming to iOS and Android this summer

It has taken a really long time, but BlackBerry has finally decided to tear down the closed gates and bring BBM to iOS and Apple — one of the reasons its platform is well known in the first place. With all the cross platform messengers that exist such as Whatsapp, Viber, Line, and even Facebook Messenger, it only makes sense for the company to push forward in this direction after many years and keep BBM relevant in the long run. Existing users will jump for joy with the ability to communicate with outside users who are not normally associated in their BlackBerry circles. According to the press release, BlackBerry intends to launch the application sometime this summer pending approval from Google Play and the App Store. The application will initially be supported for iOS 6 and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Source: Engadget

Want to get rid of some friends? [Whopper Sacrifice]

Whopper Sacrifice

It has been a while everybody since we last made a post. However we do hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas holidays, but more importantly had a good New Years.. apart from not remembering what happened!

Today’s post might be a little strange to some, but it’s a good example of just how clever BIG companies are trying to grab attention of users on the internet. In this case, it’s Burger King.

Now let’s say that you regularly eat at McDonalds or even Burger King? What would you do to get a free Whopper for example?

That’s pretty easy silly, just get rid of 10 friends on the infamous Facebook – who doesn’t have a profile these days?

If you install an application appropriately titled ‘Whopper Sacrifice‘ and get rid of 1o friends on your Facebook account, you’ll be qualified for a free coupon which entitles you to a Whopper @ Burger King. This might be a good time to get rid of all those “friends” who you don’t want to have contact with, or simply just don’t talk to. Just get rid of them and say hello to a free Whopper which you’ll finish in just a few minutes!

Unfortunately this offer is only valid to those in the United States. For more information check out the official website.

On a more brighter note, Windows 7 Beta has been released to the public. Go get it while you can!

Talk about young, Scooter Smiff!

It’s amazing these days how young musical artists are really starting to emerge into the mainstream scene, especially with genres like hiphop or even electronic music. The idea of young artists isn’t necessarily all too new because back in the day we had artists like Lil Bow Wow or even Lil Romeo who were making sparks as young kids. Of course, they hard powerful people behind them. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

The artist I’m trying to reference to in particular in this post is an artist who goes by the name of Scooter Smiff. He’s a thirteen-year old who’s carefully being managed by Chris Brown or Chris Breezy. According to Rap-Up.com, he’s Chris Brown’s first artist to sign onto his CBE Records label. It also amazes me how young artists are starting their own labels, but then again what else is new these days?

To get a taste of what Scooter Smiff has to bring, I watched the music video on Youtube for his song, Head of My Class feat. Chris Brown. Quite frankly he’s not all that bad at rapping alongside Chris Brown. The song itself is quite catchy, but I couldn’t help myself from laughing at some parts in the music video. Technology has definitely been enchanced in this music video to the point where teachers are grading papers using touch screen monitors! Not doing any work according to this music video means that you’re going to get an A+ for sure! I also have to mention the exaggeration with the rides/vehicles and interest in the girls found in the video for a little kid like Scooter Smiff.

All I have to say is, look at the way the entertainment world as evolved!