NYC Man Earns $55,000 A Year Peddling Candy On Subway

Sugar rush hour from Bianca Consunji on Vimeo.

You would think that in the hard times that we currently live in, supporting your family, and all the other fun stuff associated with life would be difficult without any money. The story that I’m just about to tell all of you just goes to show that with determination, entrepreneurship, and “understanding” your market, you can actually make some decent money regardless of what you’re selling or doing.

While on Digg, I came across a story about a man in New York City who sells candy for a living on the subways. Not only does he actually make good money from it to support his family, he does it every single day. The article claims that he makes $55, 000 USD yearly which is all in cash. Alex McFarland aka. “Tracks,” the name that he goes by, shows that there are other alternatives for making money in our society with or without an education. He’s setting a standard for those that resort to making money on the streets with drugs, being part of gangs, and etc, and shows that with determination and the goal of supporting your family, anything is possible. If you watch the video above, just based on the way that he acts, he completely understands what kind of market he’s going in and tries to cater to everybody’s taste buds while remaining somewhat cocky about it at the same time. He doesn’t just carry one brand of candy, he carries different kinds which means that people are more likely to purchase something that they see for cheap. All I have to say is that’s pretty awesome for someone making that kind of money without working at an actual regular job.


About Time! Literally.

Being slothful is often a productive activity.  Yes, being lazy has its advantages.

I started writing this post on 28 March 2009.  I only got two sentences done when the procrastination kicked in.  Finally now I got around to trying to complete it.  Today is 7 Novemeber 2009.  Funny how time just zooms by when you’re having so much fun doing nothing.

Alright.  Today is 27 Janurary 2010, Happy New Year by the way.  It only took me three tries to finish this post.  Now that’s true effort.

Okay okay, I’m sorry today is 3 March 2011.  This post has been in the making for almost two years.  I think it’s time to post it.

Yeah, thanks for sticking around so long!

Go procrastination!