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The Furby Is Back In 2012

Remember that furry toy back in the 90’s that you could call your friend? I’m not talking about your Tamagotchi or Digipet, it’s probably not what you’re thinking either. The new Furby is back and better than ever in version 2, or should I say erm, the new “high tech” version.

Old school, version 1.0 (1998)

The Furby Is Back Old

Version 2.0 (2012)

The Furby Is Back

For those looking to relive those childhood memories, the Furby is revamped to the point where you can’t turn it off from talking – not that it would ever be a problem. Based on the video below, it has sensors that can detect its orientation, communicate with an iOS verison which lets you “feed” your Furby, dance to music (by the far the best feature ever!) and communicate with other Furbies in Furbish. Expect the new Furby to be out in September 2012 at $60. Which do you like better?

Source: Furby returns, iOS app and all: Hands on with the 2012 version (CNet News)

Want to get rid of some friends? [Whopper Sacrifice]

Whopper Sacrifice

It has been a while everybody since we last made a post. However we do hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas holidays, but more importantly had a good New Years.. apart from not remembering what happened!

Today’s post might be a little strange to some, but it’s a good example of just how clever BIG companies are trying to grab attention of users on the internet. In this case, it’s Burger King.

Now let’s say that you regularly eat at McDonalds or even Burger King? What would you do to get a free Whopper for example?

That’s pretty easy silly, just get rid of 10 friends on the infamous Facebook – who doesn’t have a profile these days?

If you install an application appropriately titled ‘Whopper Sacrifice‘ and get rid of 1o friends on your Facebook account, you’ll be qualified for a free coupon which entitles you to a Whopper @ Burger King. This might be a good time to get rid of all those “friends” who you don’t want to have contact with, or simply just don’t talk to. Just get rid of them and say hello to a free Whopper which you’ll finish in just a few minutes!

Unfortunately this offer is only valid to those in the United States. For more information check out the official website.

On a more brighter note, Windows 7 Beta has been released to the public. Go get it while you can!

Movie Review: Definitely, Maybe

Hey everybody. It’s been an exceptionally long time since we made a post, or something post-worthy that is. The last post we made was in August, so yes definitely we’ve been out of the loop for a while.

Speaking of definitely, maybe we should write something post worthy now?

As of recently, I’ve had the opportunity to watch the movie Definitely, Maybe. I heard about the movie before, and was suggested by a few people to watch it. I watched a little bit but wasn’t sold as of yet. However Rambo insisted that I watch the whole movie to see what the hype was all about. I did so, and I must say that I LOVED it. Can you say obsessed when someone watches a movie continuously over 7 times? Possibly.

Classified as a romantic comedy, actors such as Ryan Reynolds playing as William Hayes, Rachel Weisz playing as Summer Hartley, or Isla Fisher playing as April Hoffman create a perfect combination in this movie. I must say that despite Isla Fisher’s age, she’s quite cute in this movie, very nice I like! Much of the movie recollects past events as told by William Hayes (frame-narrative) to his daughter Maya (played by Abigail Breslin) about disastrous relationships that he’s been through. Going through a divorce, Maya is curious as to who her real mother is in her father’s (William) retelling of his past. She soon finds out who her mother really is.

The overall movie itself is absolutely great. There are many cute moments in the movie that you can’t help but feel compassionate for the characters at times, and even happy in various parts of the movie. I must say that there are quite a few there were times I was like, please let her be the girl, or what’s going to happen next? The music, the characters, the setting, the plot, everything about the movie is just great period!

Some quotes really made me smile when I heard them, I found myself sometimes going back a few seconds just to hear it being said once again.


Dad, I can’t believe you smoked… and drank… and was such a slut… But I still love you.” – Maya (Abigail Breslin)

I’m pretty sure that if your kid told this to you, you wouldn’t help but give your kid a hug.


Will Hayes: You’re welcome. I didn’t tell you the happy ending.
Maya Hayes: What is it?
Will Hayes: You.

Oh my gosh, how cute can this get!


To my darling daughter, April. The human heart has hidden treasures, in secret kept, in silence sealed. The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, whose charms were broken if revealed. From your loving father.”

This quote, originally inscribed on a copy of Jane Eyre is meant for April (Isla Fisher) from her father in which William (Ryan Reynolds) finds in a used book store. After hearing this being said in the movie, I can’t help but realize how much truth this quote really holds. It’s actually inspired me to starting reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.

One of the reasons I think I watch this movie over and over again is because of the clear message that it gives about life. Sure things aren’t always great in life, whether it be in regards to relationships or anything for that matter, never give up it’s not the end of the world. At the present moment, things might be going like shit, but that doesn’t mean that there is no possibility whatsoever to find happiness later on in your life. You won’t know when, but take life as it is no matter how bad it may be.

With that said, for those reading, you have to watch the movie, and if you have already watched it, watch it again with a new perspective! Thanks Rambo.

Official Website: