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Canadian Mobile Users Achieve Wireless Equality

Canadian Flag

Congratulations Canada, you now can suffer a shorter amount of time while paying for that brand new smartphone in your pocket.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced Monday morning that a new code of conduct will strike down the current long term contracts in place and allow wireless contracts to be terminated without cancellation fees after two years. The new code also includes a cap on data roaming charges and having cell phones unlocked after 90 days or immediately if the balance has been paid in full.

This comes after thousands of Canadians petitioned the CRTC about the complicated and unfair terms and conditions and called for the wireless corporations to implement simple and respectful contracts for the consumer.

The new code of conduct will come into effect for new contracts starting on Monday, December 2, 2013.

It’ll be interesting to see how much monthly prices will rise.


About Time! Literally.

Being slothful is often a productive activity.  Yes, being lazy has its advantages.

I started writing this post on 28 March 2009.  I only got two sentences done when the procrastination kicked in.  Finally now I got around to trying to complete it.  Today is 7 Novemeber 2009.  Funny how time just zooms by when you’re having so much fun doing nothing.

Alright.  Today is 27 Janurary 2010, Happy New Year by the way.  It only took me three tries to finish this post.  Now that’s true effort.

Okay okay, I’m sorry today is 3 March 2011.  This post has been in the making for almost two years.  I think it’s time to post it.

Yeah, thanks for sticking around so long!

Go procrastination!



I was told that Blackberries are good for your body and overall health.

I couldn’t agree more.

A hand-held cell phone that doubles as a handy tech tool for on the go people.  Definitely good for you.


Blackberry BOLD (9000)