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And the world roars with HOPE!

What a day, January 20, 2009, the day of the inauguration the world has been waiting for.


Barack Obama

President-elect Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States of America. But it’s all over the news right now, so unless you are in a coma or do not have access to any form of media, there is no way on earth you do not know that inspiration has been injected into the bloodstream of humans everywhere.

It is an amazing feat for anyone to become the leader of the most powerful country in the world. Even if John McCain had won (thank goodness he didn’t) I would congratulate him for such an achievement, rising into the oval office.

I want to wish President Barack Obama and his family and the rest of the world, good luck. We are going to need it. We have many hard roads and problems ahead but now there is a leader whom people can look up to and believe in change.

Want to get rid of some friends? [Whopper Sacrifice]

Whopper Sacrifice

It has been a while everybody since we last made a post. However we do hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas holidays, but more importantly had a good New Years.. apart from not remembering what happened!

Today’s post might be a little strange to some, but it’s a good example of just how clever BIG companies are trying to grab attention of users on the internet. In this case, it’s Burger King.

Now let’s say that you regularly eat at McDonalds or even Burger King? What would you do to get a free Whopper for example?

That’s pretty easy silly, just get rid of 10 friends on the infamous Facebook – who doesn’t have a profile these days?

If you install an application appropriately titled ‘Whopper Sacrifice‘ and get rid of 1o friends on your Facebook account, you’ll be qualified for a free coupon which entitles you to a Whopper @ Burger King. This might be a good time to get rid of all those “friends” who you don’t want to have contact with, or simply just don’t talk to. Just get rid of them and say hello to a free Whopper which you’ll finish in just a few minutes!

Unfortunately this offer is only valid to those in the United States. For more information check out the official website.

On a more brighter note, Windows 7 Beta has been released to the public. Go get it while you can!