Monthly Archives: June 2008

Raphael has found a new home!

Well it’s been a while since I myself made an update, and well the simple answer to that is that I have been busy with life and what not.

On the brighter note however, I have found a new home… a new blog that is!

Not only will you be able to catch me here on Pikism, you’ll also be able to catch me on Custom Toy Lab which can be found @

If your interested in designer/custom toys, plushes, vinyl toys then the blog is definitely a place you’ll want to go for information on the latest toys. I have an interest in these interesting type of creations!

With that said, summer has finally arrived and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Nuff’ said.

Photoshop Disasters!

I recently came across a blog called Photoshop Disasters (PsD). It shows a collection of horribly edited pictures and advertisements that have gone under the radar and released to the public.

The images that are shown are incredibly hilarious and some are literally laugh out loud funny-worthy. It just proves that what you see isn’t always real or true. Human interference and error makes for reluctant comedy.

And as always, when someone makes a mistake there is always someone else there to make fun of them.

Good on you Photoshoppers! Great eye in the details and the finer things in life. Keep up the good work!
And the same goes for those who maintain and contribute to the blog PhotoshopDisasters!

Check out PhotoshopDisasters:

I love eBay!

As of recently eBay has been really good to me, why you ask? Well I’ll tell you.

Back in the day, one of the main things that used to annoy me was that I could not change my e-mail address on file on my account without entering a credit card. The problem was that the e-mail address in which I signed up was one in which I no longer used and simply wanted to change it, but no, eBay just kept asking me for my damn credit card.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that having a credit card on file is an extra security measure, but it’s definitely something I don’t want to keep on “file.” Sorry eBay. I don’t see why you would need my credit card in the first place to allow me to change my e-mail address, that’s just stupid. There are some who use their bank account for example through PayPal and do not own a credit card. You’re not only leaving those people in the dusk, but you’re also leaving ones who don’t own a credit card in the first place.

Much to my surprise, eBay has changed their policies. I’m not exactly sure as of when, but you no longer need a credit card to change your e-mail address attached to your account, thanks eBay!

Now, I don’t worry about not getting e-mails from eBay or from sellers because it all gets sent to a convenient message box which I can access all the time. The end.