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Watch Anything Anywhere!?

Just when you thought they couldn’t do it again… they did. What “it” is, is a tiny portable projector. Yes, the big bulky box that are used for lectures and presentations is now available in pint sized form!

Now, it’s not a new idea but the technology world has really taken the turn towards miniaturizing everything they can get their hands on.

Imagine all the new possibilities.. a visual image can be projected onto any surface providing that it does not reflect. What a crazy concept! Images everywhere? Isn’t that kind of like art in a sense? Portable movie theatres? Could this be the start of a new generation of technological advances? Or will this be another one of those gadgets that no one will ever buy?

I personally wouldn’t buy it because I have no real use for it. At least not yet. I would love to play around with it for a while then go on with my life. But hey, it’s still a cool idea. Who knows what could spawn from this? Maybe a screen-filled world could turn into a projection-filled world? Almost anything is possible. Crazy, crazy world eh?

Original Story: NY Times

My Starbucks Idea

I find it very interesting how companies are finding ways to reinvent themselves these days, but more specifically reinvent themselves in a way that benefits it’s customers as a whole in a good way!

Upon my daily look through cool links, I came across a link appropriately titled My Starbucks Idea. I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of Starbucks as I prefer an assortment of different coffee, but there was something that caught my eye and attention. Basically the purpose of this website that I found was to allow users to submit their own ideas directly to Starbucks and have the ideas voted by other members of the community. To be honest, I think this is a pretty good and smart idea. Not only is Starbucks taking advantage of the fact that many people are using the internet these days, they are broadening their reach of users and letting them decide what would make the company better. How cool is that? I’m digging it.

With 21090 points/votes, it appears that obtaining a free drink after a certain amount of drinks purchased is winning. This sort of concept reminds me of bubble tea places that stamp your card after each purchase and you eventually get a free bubble tea of your desired size, cool!

I’m pretty sure that this idea will win as it seems to be in favour!

Offer customers a free drink, after purchasing a set number of drinks. Similar to a punch card system or by tracking it thru their Starbucks Card.

Keep on voting, or submit your own creative idea. Starbucks is listening. You will need to register for an account in order to vote, but it’s pretty easy and quick to do so.

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